The Workshop Program

Meditation- Tent

A place for contemplation and stillness

For the first time this Gathering there will be a place of silence, contemplation, meditation and prayer.
We, Marcel and Corine, will try to make a peaceful space for you. A tent with an altar, lights and crystals.
In our druid lives we are supposed to find contemplation in nature. But we are human and when we feel the need to go inside sometimes it literally means ‘go inside’. So, we invite you to come in, sit in front of the altar or just have a laydown and enjoy some peace.

During the Gathering we will be there ourselves. We will be there if you need something extra; a shoulder, someone to hold your hand, some soft healing music and singing, a soothing crystal in your hand. But above all it will be a space of peace, softness and stillness.

We welcome you in!
Marcel and Corine


On Friday we  will prepare our Mystery-Play in several Workshops - we won´t tell yet, be curious.... ;-).

On Saturday there are many inspiring Workshops which will guide our hero´s quest. Two workshops will be held in german language, we can offer translation in english when requested.

Workshops on Saturday morning and afternoon:

  • Corine Strefkerk - The Mabinogion
  • Stella Reimers - Personal development with a hero´s quest
  • Andreas Trampenau - Schamanismn in celtic countries?
  • Egbert Brons, Katrin Wolf - Storytelling as a gateway to the inner self
  • Dave Smith - King Arthur
  • JJ Howell - Enchanting the void
  • Fleur Pennington - The Sacred Wing
  • Eimear Burke - Active Storytelling
  • Eimear Burke - Die 4 Treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan

The Mabinogion

or ‘ The Mabinogi and other early Welsh Tales’

 The search for the Mabon and the journey along the five oldest animals is part of the story; ‘ How Culhwch won Olwen’.  This story is one of the oldest Arthurian stories and one of eleven stories we can find in the Mabinogion.

 “Can you give a workshop about the Mabinogion?“, the orga team asked me. ” You have two hours “! How do you put eleven stories in two hours? Not! What I can give you is two hours of fun, some singing and lots of storytelling!
A brief history about the Mabinogion as we know it these days and I will tell you something about the ‘Other early Welsh Tales’. But we will concentrate on the ‘ Mabinogi ‘, the Four Branches. Stories full of Magic, humour,  journeys to ‘Annwvyn’ ( the ‘Otherworld’) and animals who, if we look closer to their meaning, give the stories a special dimension.

I am Corine Streefkerk and an OBOD member since 2007, Ravensister, mother, singer, dreamer and forever lover of fairy tales. I give workshops and write about Mythology. At home in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, we give sound- healing concerts and I work with Crystals. For a lot of years I practiced Zen- meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. A very soft and practical way in Buddhism. I am a trained Coach and Counsellor and had trainings from different Shamans from all over the world.
Today working with Myths and architypes go hand in hand with practicing Druidry, Zen and singing.


Personal development in a hero´s quest
In this Workshop we take a closer look at the hero´s quest as a method of personal development. Conflicting and helpful parts of personality, aims and blockades will be met at the single stations of the hero´s journey and show insights in our Self in all of its facets. The workshop is part theory, part self experience.


Stella Reimers, Psychologist and OBOD-Druidess

Shamanismn in celtic countries?

Is there an origin shamanism in middle europe? The term  "Shamanism" has its roots in Sibiria, and what today is known as "Shamanism" is as multiple as the mankind itself. We will do a journey in the other-world, to find personal answers to this question - a landscape full of personal connection to the land, a celtic spirituality with the craft of alchemy and magic.

Workshop in german, translation in english offered when needed.

Andreas Trampenau, Vision Zukunft

Story telling as a gateway to the inner self


Story telling in the bardic tradition is a powerful tool that can connect time and space with the here and now. Many stories are being told for the benefit of others. But stories are more than one side of the coin. A story is also a gateway to the inner self. When the gateway is passed, a path is unveiled, that, when taken, allows you to create even more powerful stories. In this workshop we show you how to listen to your inner story without thinking, without judging. Because listening to a story that has been really heard creates a heart-to-heart-connection and that story can make a difference to the world.

Workshop language is English, when needed translation will be done into German and Dutch.


Egbert Brons (NL): experienced Druid, coach and trainer

Katrin Wolf (DE): creative Bard, psychologist, Circleway story teller


Workshop about King Arthur

Dave Smith 

Enchanting the void - Singing with JJ 


We will come togehter to honour and celebrate the Land through song and silence - a form of "Devotional Druidry". JJ will incorporate songs in honour of the animals we are working with over the weekend. It will be sacred and also fun! Simple chants which everyone can easily join in with. No need to be a good singer. It is a very healing space which leaves everyone feeling alive and blessed.  


 JJ Howell - For more information see 



The Sacred Wing - Fleur Pennington 


This Workshop will involve embodying the self through breath, silence and creative experience.   

 The workshop will incorporate some simple and bounded touch (including tribal marking with paint) to awaken the senses in relation to our inner wisdom and inner knowing. There will be a period of conscious awareness through silence and guided visualisation connecting with the five archetypes of the Mabon story. This will include yoga nidra  - a deeply healing meditative and restorative breath work, connecting with the infinite liminal space between earth and sky, to give individual insight on our connection with each animal in the Mabon Journey.

Everyone will then work with feathers to produce a smudge wing incoporating these aspects, which can be used later to reconnect with the wisdom and the knowledge of the gathering.


 Fleur Pennington, UK

There will be two Workshops with

Eimear Burke:

Die 4 Treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan

Active Storytelling