Terms of service and participation


Please read the following text before registering. There are important informations for your participation and registration. Please confirm on the registration form you have read these terms.


1 . Registration


Please register via registration form: Registration

After registration you will receive a confirmation via mail with the bank account to transfer the fee. If you receive the note, you are on the waiting list, we will contact you soon.


2. Costs, Transfer & Cancelation:

Please see the fees on the website FEES. With your registration you bindingly book the gathering for the stated price and accept the payment terms and cancelation charges. The order of registrations with the first payment of min. 50% rule  the order of the allocation of participants. Only with registration AND payment your registration is valid. You will get a confirmation for your registration per email, if there are places left we will let you know immediately. there will also be an announcement on the website.


Participation fees:

Fees include participation at gathering, accomodation in shared rooms or tents and meals from Thursday evening onward. We pay an all-inclusive-price for the house, which we share between all participants, so the cost for accomodation is the same and you can choose if you prefer staying in a shared room in the house or in your own tent.

Thursday 20.6. till Sunday 23.6.2019:


Adults: 235,- Euro  (complete payment with registration or in 2 rates: : 117,50 Euro with registration + 117,50,- Euro till 1.4.2019)


Children 4-14 years: 120,-  Euro,(complete payment with registration or in 2 rates: : 60,- Euro with registration + 60,- Euro till 1.4.2019)

Children younger than 4 pay no fee, if they sleep in your own travelbed or in a tent. Please note that everyone (children as well) has to fill in an extra registration form.


We regret it is not possible to book single days.



A deposit of 50% is due with registration, you are also able to pay the full fee with registration. If your deposit or payment is not on our account within 10 days after your registration we will Delete your registration and you will have to fill in a new one. Your place is reserved when we have your registration and the deposit on the bank account. When we received both, we will send you the booking confirmation via mail. Only with this confirmation your booking is valid.

The bank account data is on the registration form.


Please note that your fee has to be paid completely until 1.4.2019. Registrations that aren’t complete until 1.4.2019 are invalid, your place will be given away and you have to pay the cancelation charges.

For paying the complete rate for a confirmed place please transfer to this account:


Welt der Linden e.V.




VR-Bank Rottal-Inn eG




IBAN: DE44740618130005038286








Cancelation charges:


Your Booking is valid when we receive your payment. You can pay in two equal halfs.  If you can´t participate on the Gathering, please tell us as soon as possible per mail. We surely can work something out! We recommend an insurance for this case. The paid fee will be transferred back minus the cancelation charges.


These costs are due to the date of cancelation:


Cancelation date until 15.3.2017 : 10% fee (23 Euro/children 6 Euro)


Cancelation date from 16.3. to 15.5.2017: 50% fee (117,50 Euro/children 60 Euro)


Cancelation date from 16.5: 100% fee (235,00 Euro/children 120 Euro)


Cancelation has to be send per mail to: gathering@weltderlinden.de


Please check if you get a confirmation of your cancelation within a week!


In case we can fill in your place from the waiting list there will be no costs for you. In case you have a replacement yourself please contact us and we will work something out. It is not possible to send someone to the Gathering that is not registered first


 3. Allocation of participants places


There are 100 places at this gathering. The order of registrations with the first payment of min. 50% rule  the order of the allocation of participants. Only with registration AND payment your registration is valid. You will get a confirmation for your registration per email, if there will be no places left we will let you know immediately and also announce this on the website.


4. General Informations


Family with children are warmly welcome. If there are enough volunteers there will maybe a children-programm for kids up to 4 years during the workshops, but there will be no continuous childcare. The supervision obligation is everytime with the parents.


Please keept the house, the outdoor areas, toilets and showers clean. Smoking in all rooms inside the house is prohibited. Disregard will have a fine of 200 € from the guesthouse, to be paid by the one who caused it.


If you plan to bring your dog, you have to tell us per mail: gathering@weltderlinden.de. Places for dogs are limited and therefore is only possible according to an arrangement with the team.


6. Disclaimer/Responsibilty


Participation of the Gathering is at your own accountability. Each participant will declare with the registration that they are healthy in body, mind and spirit. They will carry the full responsibility for their actions during the whole Gathering.


The organisation team and the workshop leaders cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or accidents.


There will be no claim of for conducting the workshop in case of cancellation due to too few participants or force majeure. In case of break off of the Gathering because of force majeure there will be no claim of refund.


we look forward to meet some of the special guests. However there will be no refund or reason to cancel your registration if a guest cannot participate out of whatsoever reason. 


The organizer cannot be held liable for damaged caused by participants. Caused damage on the house, the inventor or the place will be charged for. Participants are advised to take out a liability insurance for this. And please check if your insurance pays abroad, if you are from outside of Germany. We will ask you to sign a disclaimer at the gate.



7. Organizer


This camp is organised by a group of volunteers (obod-members) for obod-members, family/friends and newly interested. The organisation group is independent, and this gathering is set up as a meeting of friends on a non-profit basis.


Organizer is: Welt der Linden e.V., D-84378 Dietersburg


The organization group reserves the right to expel any participant from the gathering in case of any misbehaviour or disrespect. Refund of participation fee is not possible in that case.



9. Fotos


There will be one official fotografer who will take pictures at the the gathering, especially for the rituals and the Mysteryplay. We would like to use these fotos for our club´s purpose, which might include publishing on websites. At the Check in we will ask for your permission to do so.  (§23 bs. 1 KUG).

During the Ritual and Mysteryplay the other particpants are not allowed to take pictures. (We will give the participants acess to the official Mysteryplay and ritual photos after the Gathering).


Of course during all other parts of the gathering you can take pictures, please note, every photo where people can be seen is not allowed to be published without their permissions (Facebook, instagramm, social media), please respect the privacy some members wish to have. The organiser is not reliable for violations of participants on data law.


10. Data protection


If you register for the gathering, we record the following personal datas: Name, Adress, mail adress and if you are an OBOD-member the Grade. We have to keep the datas during the period of tax storage. We delete them after this period (10 years). We don´t give your datas to third parties. We use them to inform you about other events from Welt der Linden. If you don´t want to get informations, please send an email.



The organization group tries to do everything to make this camp enjoyable for everyone. However we are not perfect; so if you have any comment or suggestion for improvement, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll have a great time together.


We look forward to have a wonderful Gathering with you

With the blessings of the Linden Tree


Anna, Bernhard, Bettina, Petra