Registration & Fees


Registration is now possible.

Here is how it works: 

1. You can open the registration in the menu, last line "ANMELDUNG/REGISTRATION FORM"

2. Fill  the form and send it online

3. You´ll receive an email with the bank account. Please transfer the fee or 50% of it (more details below) within 10 days!

4. After we received the deposit on our account, we will send you your booking confirmation via email. Only with this confirmation your booking is valid.

5. If you transfer 50% please do not forget to transfer the other 50% until 1.4.2019.


If you need help please send us an email:


Participation fees:

Fees include participation at gathering, accomodation in shared rooms or tents and meals from Thursday evening onward. We pay an all-inclusive-price for the house, which we share between all participants, so the cost for accomodation is the same and you can choose if you prefer staying in a shared room in the house or in your own tent.

 Thursday 20.6. till Sunday 23.6.2019:


Adults: 235,- Euro  (complete payment with registration or in 2 rates: : 117,50 Euro with registration + 117,50,- Euro till 1.4.2019)


Children 4-14 years: 120,-  Euro,(complete payment with registration or in 2 rates: : 60,- Euro with registration + 60,- Euro till 1.4.2019)

Children younger than 4 pay no fee, when they sleep in your own travelbed or in a tent. Please note that everyone (children as well) has to fill in an extra registration form.


We regret it is not possible to book single days.


If you plan to bring your dog with you, please contact us before registration: , the places for dogs are limited. We can offer 6 dogs to come, 4 are already booked, so we recommend, if you want to bring your dog, to register soon!


A deposit of 50% is due with registration, you are also able to pay the full fee with registration.


If your deposit or payment is not on our account within 10 days after your registration we will delete your registration. Your place is booked once we have your registration and the deposit on the bank account. When we receive both, we will send you the booking confirmation via mail. Only with this confirmation your booking is valid.


Please note that your fee has to be paid completely until 1.4.2019. Registration that aren’t complete until 1.4.2019 are invalid, your place will be given away and you will have to pay the cancelation charges.


Cancelation charges:


Your Booking is valid when we receive your payment. You can pay in two equal halfs.  If you can´t participate on the Gathering, please tell us as soon as possible per mail. We surely can work something out! We recommend an insurance for this case. The paid fee will be transferred back minus the cancelation charges.


These costs are due to the date of cancelation:


Cancelation date until 15.3.2017 : 10% fee (23 Euro/children 6 Euro)


Cancelation date from 16.3. to 15.5.2017: 50% fee (117,50 Euro/children 60 Euro)


Cancelation date from 16.5: 100% fee (235,00 Euro/children 120 Euro)


Cancelation has to be send per mail to:


Please check if you get a confirmation of your cancelation within a week!


In case we can fill in your place from the waiting list there will be no costs for you. In case you have a replacement yourself please contact us and we will work something out. It is not possible to send someone to the Gathering that is not registered first