In OBOD we have different possibilities to offer Initiations. We have the important experience of the self initiation provided by the Gwersi, and Groves can offer Initiations. Furthermore there is the possibility to offer them on a Gathering, when the whole tribe comes together.


it is a special experience that enriches your druidic pathway, when you stand with other Druids in the circle and witness how a Bard, Ovate or Druid is initiated. We are happy to offer this important step into the different Grades on Thursday evening. As it is surrounded by a forrest, our place for the Gathering provides a special setting for the Initiations. Together with the community we can create a frame and space for magical experiences for all participating.




You would like to be part of the Initiations? There are two possibilities:




1. Help with the Initiations:


If you already experienced your Intitiation in a group and would like to help with initiations, we look forward to your help for the Initiatons into the bardic, ovate or druidic grade. The numbers of people helping us will influence the number of people that can be initiated.

If you are interested to help with initiations please inscribe for this (see the registration form) and contact us via mail (  so that we can get into contact, and talk with you about it. If you have any question in advance, please contact us too.


2. Being Initiated:


If you want to be intitiated in the Bardic, Ovate or Druid grade, please send us a mail requesting for one: (please not that this will only be possible after you registered successfully, registration starts 1.11.2018) We will get in contact with you and confirm wether there is a place for you. Please note that there are only a limited number of initiations possible this evening, as we would like to honour your experience with the approbiate awareness. 


Concert with Damh the Bard


We look forward to a powerful concert with Damh the Bard! The order´s Pendragon and Pagan Folk & Rock at its best!




On Friday and Saturday there will be inspiring Workshops, which will lead us on our hero´s quest of the Midsummernightsdream & the Solstice ritual. We will publish the themes and workshop leaders till 1.4.2019 here.



Eistedfodd is an old magical gathering of welsh druids with music, song and poetry to honour the Bardic gifts.... at the Gathering we celebrate our community, as we share our talents, projects and other entertaining things in the evening - and everybody is welcome! Play an instrument, recite poetry, do something crazy and beautiful with a group, sing a song, alone or with others - we look forward to your wonderful contribution - the more people perform, the more fantastic the evening will be.  



It is a lovely tradition, to meet at an OBOD Camp or Gathering with other members of your grade to discuss bardic, ovate or druid Themes and experience inspiring thoughts together. For children and guest who aren´t OBOD members yet there will be groves with exciting themes too.