A  midsummernights dream – mystery play and Summsolstice rite in one

 How about  combining  everything we experience at the gathering and our bardic skills and present it to our Community as a gift? Let’s start together on a quest!


A Midsummernightsdream -  getting together to create a story out of the celtic myths.


On Firday we will meet in the circle to hear the story “quest for Mabon” (??) . this story of the welsh mabinogi  is the eldest story about King Arthur and his men – a group of men joined my knights of the round table goes on a quest to find Mabon, the divine child. On their journey they meet the eldest animals. These animals play an important part in celtic myths and on our druid journey (hier muss man aufpassen, das ist tatsächlich auch im dt doppeldeutig. Diese speziellen Tiere (die ja sogar einen Namen haben (owl of ceurint, oder so) natürlich nicht, wobei die Eule an sich diese Bedeutung hat. Das habe ich hier versucht zu trennen)


During the day we will get into groups and take a deeper look at the diffferent parts of this quest . Together we will create the Mystery Play.


On Saturday there will be different workshops, which will deal on different levels with the story – celtic myths, quests, storytelling, chanting .. the programm will be published on this site in the next months.


All our Experiences will be put together during the Mystery play on Saturday evening, which wil also be our Rite for the Summer Solstice.


2 Heralds will lead us through the quest to the Mabon, helped by the eldest animals. We will experience and play this quest together. ... enjoy the surprise about bringing to life an old celtic myth together with a druid tribe. (geht auch anders... together with our special community.. druidic community)


As always on the druidic path, you are invited to actively create the Mystery play. If you prefer to sit at the camp fire or to spent some time with equal minded persons, you are more than welcome too!


The Programm is much more – the welcoming and end ritual, groves, the Eisteddfod (wok omen die dd hin?) and you can spent peaceful moments in the  meditation tent. Or some great time at the concert of Damh the Bard


For more see the Programme