Accomodation / Catering


It is possible to stay overnight in one of the 5 wooden Swedish huts - there are mattress camps for up to 10 people per hut (the sanitary facilities are in a separate house).


The feeling of being close to nature can also be enjoyed directly in one of the large team tents on the meadow - camp beds are provided.


Whether it's a hut or a camp bed - you have to bring your own sleeping bag, bed linen and towels.


Camping with your own tent is also possible, there is also a (limited) possibility to park mobile homes/camper vans on the camping meadow/sports field. When registering, please be sure to indicate whether you need a parking space. Please note, that there is no power supply available on the camping meadow.


These accommodation options are of course included in the price, if it is not possible for a participant to spend the night in dormitories, there are still alternative options (at your own expense) in holiday apartments on a nearby horse farm, which you could also book for several people/families (if you should be interested: There is also a large campsite nearby ( - perhaps an option, too.


 Sanitary facilities/shower facilities are of course available.


 Dogs are unfortunately not allowed on the premises.





 The food is vegetarian and wholesome, but we are also planning a barbecue evening, where grilled sausages and/or steaks can also be connected to the element of fire. When registering, please indicate whether and if so, how many grilled sausages/steaks you would like.


 If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please let us know when registering, the kitchen elves will try to take this into account according to the possibilities on site.